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No one is left alone

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So far, our focus has been on Eastern European countries. There, we help traumatized women who have been victims of violence, displacement and impoverishment during the war. We also help children and young people with disabilities and their families.


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Counselling and self-help institutions are being set up in Sarajevo and other places in the region. Our experience with women traumatised by war shows:


Through simple physical exercises (breathing, QiGong, yoga) we can achieve significant improvements in physical and mental well-being in a short time. If these exercises are done regularly, the trauma becomes increasingly distant and the person gains more strength and confidence. Those who have learned the exercises can teach them to the people around them: in this way, those who have been helped also become helpers. The existing exercise leader in Sarajevo is also training additional leaders so that the project gradually grows into expansion, independence and sustainability. We also work with trained breathing trainers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have received funding for this project from “Aktion Mensch”.

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Our project partner, “SV Medicus” based in Tuzla, pursues the goal of promoting health for the country’s citizens.

He also carries out inclusion projects with disabled young people.

In 2015, the association was declared the most successful NGO in the country by the American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was also awarded the “Friends of Science” prize by the Ministry of Education of the Bosnian Federation.

We are increasingly helping disabled children, who are among the weakest in the country.

It is possible that the psychological and physical handicaps in the line of succession arose in connection with the severe war trauma experienced by their parents. The nationwide implementation of this project is currently in the development phase.



Since 2018, we have been supporting the "Neven" day care center in Prijedor, which is run by the "Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs". Young people with mental and physical disabilities are cared for there. Painting has proven to be a successful method of expressing one's own feelings without words and of feeling joy and pride in one's own creativity.


In 2024 we started a creative project for children and young adults in our region. It is funded by "Aktion Mensch". The participants also actively participate in the development of the project idea and organization.

Initiative Siglinde e. V.

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