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Rocky landscape


Knitting needle and blue knitted fabric

Occupational therapy knitting project

Since 2014, we have successfully carried out occupational therapy handicraft projects in various locations in Bosnia.

The loving care and concentrated handicrafts strengthen the ability to concentrate, self-determination and the experience of community. The women were able to regain their handicraft skills and gained dignity, self-confidence and joy in life.

Pieces of fabric

Since 2016, we have been working with women in various places in Bosnia to sew shopping bags out of fabric.
They were happy that they were not victims, but that they were actively contributing to the protection of nature.

“Fabric instead of plastic” campaign

Red Quinoa

Donations for Ukrainian war refugees

In cooperation with other aid organizations, we collected non-perishable food for war refugees in the Munich area in our network in 2022.

Person in blue pants and brown shoes sitting on a precipice above water

Help for flood victims

In 2022 we donated money to the people affected by the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley.

Initiative Siglinde e. V.

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