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For our projects we are looking for:

● Breathing trainers

● People who take part in relief operations abroad

● Helpers, especially in administrative tasks

● Support in public relations (e.g. social media)

● Interpreters, especially with very good Bosnian and German language skills

● Therapists in Bosnia to provide ongoing care for the people there

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Initiative Siglinde e. V.

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What does that mean:

You will be part of an experienced team that helps people in emergency situations. They have had difficult times and often live in difficult mental and physical conditions. We are currently working in Eastern Europe.

Our approach:

Using mental and physical techniques (such as yoga, breathing techniques, tapping, QiGong) we help people to experience a more detraumatized way of life. We teach them tools, not complicated, lengthy training courses that are necessary for professionals.

No, it's about effective, easy-to-implement methods. People then use them in small groups and on themselves.

We ...
...are a team of experts who have been doing this humanitarian work for over 20 years
and have excellent knowledge of how to do this job.

You ...
... are someone who likes people, who likes to help, who wants to learn something. You are ready,
to work voluntarily.

What do you learn, what do we give you?

● We teach you the planning technology that is successful. International

Organizations are already using this knowledge.

● You will have an experience that goes beyond the box.

● You are in a group that fully supports you and gives you all the knowledge

makes available.

What do you have of it?

● You have improved people’s lives.

● You have learned. You have knowledge and skills that you can apply anywhere


● You have made friends. You have become more familiar with yourself

encountered, in a new experience of value.

How does it work?

1. You apply by email.

2. We discuss your qualifications.
3. We determine whether we are a good fit.

You get to know us and we get to know you.
4. You set your schedule. It runs like this

all year.
4.a.You join the team.
5. You participate and everyone wins.

Initiative Siglinde e. V.

Would you like more information and to get involved? Click here to register:

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